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Don't pay recruiters in these hard times.
You can save thousands of $$$ and still find top talent.

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Our complete hiring system containing everything you need to know for hiring top talent.

Can you relate to this title “You’re Not The Person I Hired!”? Have you ever thought this?

If "YES" then you are the reason why we wrote this book. Over 8,000 CEO's and Key Executives have our book and have dramatically improved their hiring. Hiring is the only process in a company where failure is accepted.

You don't have to accept failed hiring any longer.

  • You can reduce your cost per hire.
  • You can improve retention.
  • You can reduce the costs of training for the same position over and over.
  • You can reduce inaccuracies and inefficiencies that frustrate you.
  • You can reduce the stress associated with managing poor performers.
  • You can reduce over paying for underperforming employees.

Most importantly - you can start building an organization of top performers!

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You're NOT the person I hired

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So what do those that read the book say?

TK Collins, CEO, Baton Rouge, LA

"There is no better book on hiring out there. This book completely changes how people view hiring. This is a new method that not only defines top performers, but teaches you how to identify them in the hiring process. It makes it easy to weed out those that tell a great story in the interview and then come on board and don't perform. Every CEO should implement this process in their company.

Bill Roberts, President, N.Y.,N.Y.

This is the best book on hiring I've read. It will changer your hiring process for the good. It just makes so much sense once you've read it.

Jenifer Yates, Owner, Bostom, MA

For a small company this process works great. We learned so much. We are too small for an HR department, but once me and my staff read the book, implementing the process was easy.

Barbara Ann Masterson, COO, Baltimore, MD

"When I first read the title I related immediately, so I bought it. It didn't take long to understand why I related. We never thought much about hiring in our company. Like most we just accepted the failures as "that is how it is.' This book opened our eyes to a totally different approach and we started implementing all 5 steps. It is easy to read, easy to follow and just makes sense. I can't believe this hasn't been thought of before."