HR Consulting

HR Consulting Got risk? Control it with GHRO.

With over 100 years of HR experience, GHRO is the ultimate partner for HR outsourcing. We deliver the support you need to mitigate risk, contain costs and focus on what really matters – your business.

Looking to save costs? GHRO can help. We’ll develop an action plan that can help you reduce your HR expenses, protect your assets and reduce your exposure to a wide range of risks.

Legal Risks

If you've ever been through an employee lawsuit, you know just how expensive, difficult and often unpredictable they can be. But there are far more time and cost-effective solutions available if you have the right partner. Isn’t it better to prevent the lawsuit than manage it?

Dispute Resolution

We can work with you to develop a personalized dispute resolution process that can help eliminate employee law suits, while giving employees their due process through processes such as mediation or a Peer Reviews Committee (PRC).


Simply put, arbitration hearings are far less expensive, far less time-consuming and much more predictable than its courtroom counterpart. A good arbitration strategy can reduce your legal fees by as much as 95%. We’ll show you how you can still maintain your rights without giving up your profits.